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Spanish Tutor Wanted

[Auckland City] Want to Learn Spanish Fast?

Offer Hourly Rate: $20.00 / hr


I will build a course to meet your goals and together we will conquer the world! Sounds ambitious? Yes! Don't under-sell yourself. Scoping out your programme is free. I have been a teacher for many years and still love both students and teaching, people and learning. The most important step in any journey is the first one so put your best foot forward.

Looking forward to getting to know you by Skype and Whatsapp.. Saludos, Mark.

MarkNZ (Male, 58 y/o)

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I'm an Inventive and Attentive educator. I have been a Principal and a teacher in Auckland for more than 12 years and before that I was an international business accountant and ran a firm of stockbrokers in London. I am a lifestyle block farmer too so I am not short of interests. What do I teach? English/ESOL, maths and accounting, modern and ancient languages (Spanish, French, Latin and Ancient Greek) as well as life skills. I have a passion for games, both physical and games of the imagination. I am a published creative writer too. I am actively engaged with science, philosophy and politics. Life is for living for one's own pleasure and the good of others.

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ThomasBlok (Male, 21 y/o)

Maths$30.00 /hr

I love Maths and I love helping students excel (or at least pass). Most students have holes in their understanding and when these are found and skills...

sjessica (Female, 22 y/o)

Maths$10.00 /hr
Spanish$10.00 /hr

Hello, my name is Jessica, I'm 21 years old, I'm a native Spanish speaker from Bucaramanga, Colombia and it would be gladly for me to help you improve...

JCollins (Female, 37 y/o)

English$18.00 /hr

I'm Julia from Ohio USA. I have over 15 years of online English teaching experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from The State o...

linis (Female, 30 y/o)

Spanish$15.00 /hr

I will be more than happy to teach you !! I have been teaching in schools with different comunities, estudents, groups and families. I love what I do....

YOLI (Female, 37 y/o)

Spanish$10.00 /hr

Hola mi nombre es Yoli, soy licenciada en Educación Integral me gusta conocer personas de otros países y ayudarlos a perfeccionar el idioma español...

Kieran (Male, 27 y/o)

Maths$25.00 /hr

Experienced high-school and university maths tutor with first-class honours degree from Victoria. All of my students have improved their grades and...

SuzieK (Female, hidden)


Hi there, I'm here to help you with your English studies, whether it be ESOL or high-level high school English. I am a writer, so creative writing ...

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