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AnnekaRene (hidden, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
English$40.00 /hr
History$40.00 /hr

I have 8 years experience tutoring students from ages 6-24, those who are new to English and studying at tertiary level. My subjects are: History, ...

odeletluv (Female, 45 y/o)

English$3.00 /hr

sandeep25 (hidden, hidden)

Maths$30.00 /hr

I have done masters in mathematics.I have 7years tutoring experience

jupingibbertson (Female, 47 y/o)

Mandarin$40.00 /hr
Japanese$50.00 /hr

Hi,Juping Ibbertson here, a New Zealander living in South Auckland. I am fluent in multiple languages: English, Chinese and Japanese.

alisaclark (Female, 30 y/o)

Russian/Ukrainian$40.00 /hr

Привет! :D My name is Alisa. I'm originally from Moscow, Russia, but I live in New Zealand., so if you live in the Eastern Hemisphere, my...

yanhua (Male, 22 y/o)

Physics$25.00 /hr

Hey there! I'm offering tutoring services specifically aimed at NCEA students around South Auckland. A little bit about me, I attended Sacred Heart...

SungjinKim (hidden, hidden)

Maths$17.00 /hr
Science$17.00 /hr

I'm a year 13 student (and academic leader of school) looking towards getting dux this year. Last year I was the top scholar of my year level, having...

easyaspi (hidden, hidden)

Maths$40.00 /hr

Professional mathematics tutoring operating in O'Shanessey St,

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