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TavernetJP (Male, 51 y/o)

Hutt City
Physics$100.00 /hr

I'm on a sabbatical leave from a professor position at Paris 6 university (UPMC), because my family and I chose to settle in New Zealand in order to ...

dennine2 (Female, 26 y/o)

Hutt City
English$30.00 /hr

I am a 26 year old Irish teacher, both primary school and EAL. I am looking for some tutoring work for both primary school children and adults alike.

yanjunyuan (Male, 36 y/o)

Hutt City
Maths$60.00 /hr
Physics$60.00 /hr

I studied in Singapore from secondary school to National University of Singapore on Singapore government scholarship. I scored 9 A1s in GCE Cambridge ...

ajay (hidden, hidden)

Hutt City
Maths$25.00 /hr

I have been tutoring High school/ University Mathematics for 12 years. .

Johann (Male, hidden)

Hutt City
English$50.00 /hr
Science$50.00 /hr

I am a Research Scholar from the University of Oxford, currently in New Zealand until October 2019. I completed my schooling and undergraduate stu...

MartinWilliams (Male, 25 y/o)

Hutt City
Japanese$25.00 /hr

I know that Japanese is a struggle but I am here to help. If you want to study for the JLPT, school exams, or even just want to chat in Japanese to en...

Ruwanj (Male, hidden)

Hutt City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Engineering$40.00 /hr

I have been tutoring High school/ University Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Fundamentals for 13 years. Please let me know your units or spec...

huhu (Female, 32 y/o)

Hutt City
Mandarin$50.00 /hr

8 years school teaching experience y1-y13 and adults, registered secondary school teacher, have helped students achieve top-in-the-world for IGCSE Ma...

mmespinoza (Female, 42 y/o)

Hutt City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

Able to assist anyone who is keen to learn

september02 (Female, 21 y/o)

Hutt City

Hi There I am currently studying towards a bachelor of social work and have previous qualifications in health and disability and also in health sc...

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