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MathsTutorNZ (Female, hidden)

Far North
Maths$50.00 /hr
Statistics$50.00 /hr

Calculus Secondary Teacher with 15+ years teaching offering on line tuition. My philosophy: "One size does not fit all"

dr.adel (Male, 49 y/o)

Far North
Language (Other)$15.00 /hr

Hello, I am Dr.Adel Aladl, from Egypt, I have got a doctorate in Arabic language, at literary criticism, rhetoric and Islamic contemporary literature,...

Rosie (Female, 32 y/o)

Far North
English$30.00 /hr
Maths$30.00 /hr

Hello i'm Rosie and I look forward to working with you and your child to achieve their learning goals. I enjoy teaching children of all ages and I ens...

Delilah (Female, 29 y/o)

Far North

Come all and let us learn this universal language called English. I aim to make the class enjoyable and give you the skills you require in English to ...

MILANO14 (hidden, hidden)

Far North
Italian$25.00 /hr

I am an Italian national, bilingual English, with a lot of experience in teaching both languages at all levels. I have a solid academic background in...

markmunday (Male, hidden)

Far North
Economics$35.00 /hr

As an experienced teacher and having had extensive related work experience, I enable students to achieve the success they really deserve. I identify t...

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