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MyBusinessNinja (Male, 39 y/o)

English$30.00 /hr
Commerce$33.00 /hr

Private tutoring to get you on track for an awesome year! Let’s get together and make a plan for realising the A’s you are capable of achieving. ...

G.Jonas59 (Male, 60 y/o)

French$25.00 /hr

Bonjour, My name is Golden Jonas Nzamba, I am a French native speaker, and currently living in Havelock North Hawkes bay. Please email me about yo...

Kiti (Female, 71 y/o)

English$35.00 /hr

Hi. I am a qualified ESOL teacher offering English and also preparation for IELTS exams. Am also available for homework assistance.

hyunjums (Female, 32 y/o)

Korean$25.00 /hr

Hi, there! I'm in Nz for working holiday and just started on 18th March 2019. I've been interedted in teaching Korean since I was in university and...

Kylebezuidenhout (Male, 20 y/o)

English$15.00 /hr

I have a deep passion for the poetic and literary nature of English and have been tutoring informally for a long time and thought I should offer to he...

laser (Male, 26 y/o)

Maths$30.00 /hr
Science$30.00 /hr

Hi, i am looking to tutor anyone who needs a little extra help with science, especially biology (up to NCEA level 1 chemistry and physics, and NCEA le...

Cheng (Male, 29 y/o)

Maths$35.00 /hr

Hi my name is Cheng. I'm a structural bridge engineer based in Hastings in the Hawke's Bay. I offer maths and physics tutoring for secondary, interme...

drforster (Male, 72 y/o)


Remedial or advanced

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