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Gaston (Male, hidden)

North Shore City
English$45.00 /hr
Spanish$45.00 /hr

REAL Native teacher (not just a speaker). Have fun while learning Spanish or English! Board Games, songs and multimedia resources complement my lesson...

Emilysoria (Female, hidden)

5 (2 reviews)
Auckland City
Spanish$20.00 /hr

Hello, I am Emily from Chile, I offer conversational Spanish classes, I am Psychology, I manage learning techniques and I am patient to teach. If you ...

Ifpe (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Wellington City
Spanish$35.00 /hr

My classes promise a relaxed, natural environment to talk, listen and understand Spanish in real use. My methodology is dynamic, emphasising communic...

Mayela1679 (Female, 40 y/o)

Chatham Islands
Spanish$20.00 /hr

Hola! Me llamo Mayela y soy nicaragüense. Soy abogada, con una especialidad Español como segunda lengua,actualmente estoy terminando mi maestría en...

eama16 (Female, 26 y/o)

Christchurch City
Spanish$25.00 /hr
Commerce$30.00 /hr

Hi everyone! If you need some help with your Spanish and finances classes. just let me know! For the Spanish, I am native speaker, so it’s the bes...

Camila (Female, 23 y/o)

Tauranga City
English$7.00 /hr
Spanish$7.00 /hr

Hi there, I'm a native Spanish speaker. I'm from Chile and I'm eager to help you if you need some practice with you spanish or english skills.

Daisy_Chaparro (Female, 36 y/o)

Auckland City
Spanish$20.00 /hr

I’m from Colombia, my first language is Spanish. I am friendly.

guidotombo (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
Spanish$25.00 /hr

I am a Spanish native speaker from Argentina. Living in New Zealand for almost 2 years. Friendly and enthusiastic worker. I am flexible so we can work...

Pvelasco (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
Maths$25.00 /hr
Spanish$20.00 /hr

Hi! I will so glad to help you to improve your knowledge.

marciasoto (Female, 28 y/o)

Auckland City
Spanish$25.00 /hr

I am Marcia Soto, an expat from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is not because Spanish is my mother tongue but I think It is a wonderful language. Spanish...

SilviaA (Female, hidden)

Spanish$40.00 /hr
Italian$40.00 /hr

Ciao, Hola, Bonjour! I'm Silvia originally from Italy. I have been living in New Zealand for 5 years and decided to make it home as soon as I lande...

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