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Dr0Daniela (Female, hidden)

Wellington City
Commerce$39.00 /hr
Marketing$39.00 /hr

You won't find a more qualified and experienced tutor. I might even have written the course you're studying! I offer Tutoring & Assignment Help: * A...

rgielen (Male, 47 y/o)

Upper Hutt City
French$40.00 /hr
Marketing$40.00 /hr

Subjects I can teach in: Languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish (all ages) Exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry (up to 18 yea...

marketingmuffins (Female, 28 y/o)

Auckland City
Marketing$21.00 /hr

Hi there, I have an honours degree in marketing at auckland uni (bcom). also have worked in sydney. just here in auckland visiting family for a mont...

Tutor777learning (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
Commerce$23.00 /hr
Management$23.00 /hr
Accounting$23.00 /hr
Marketing$23.00 /hr
Economics$23.00 /hr

I worked as an Accounting Tutor for The Career Academy providing distance learning support to students enrolled in New Zealand Accounting courses to i...

rachelpoon (Female, 29 y/o)

Auckland City
Marketing$50.00 /hr

I'm Rachel and I'm looking to tutor or help people who are struggling to write essays and presentations. My specialisations in university were in Psyc...

tutoryou2018 (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
English$50.00 /hr
Commerce$50.00 /hr
Management$50.00 /hr
Marketing$50.00 /hr
Others$50.00 /hr

Hi there I tutor any business students: diplomas, BCom or MCom degrees. I tutor all business subjects including strategy, management, marketing, in...

ZIA (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
Commerce$30.00 /hr
Management$30.00 /hr
Accounting$30.00 /hr
Marketing$30.00 /hr
Economics$30.00 /hr

I’m providing tuition services from last 6 years in NewZealand and currently providing my services as a business Lecturer at University level. A...

Pauapooh (hidden, hidden)

Christchurch City
Commerce$35.00 /hr
Marketing$35.00 /hr

I have had 10 years of experience tutoring at tertiary level. This includes 100/200/300 level commerce papers at Lincoln University, 200 statistics pa...

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