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KristofHackethal (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
Maths$25.00 /hr
German$35.00 /hr

Hello! I am Kristof Hackethal and how you perhaps noticed from my non-english name: I am a German native speaker. Until April 2017 I am one of the lu...

annatrap1980 (Female, 38 y/o)

Auckland City
Italian$30.00 /hr
German$20.00 /hr

Want to know more about Italian culture, language, food, lifestyle, etc? No matter what your level is, if you want to learn Italian for your school ex...

kiwikraut (Female, 51 y/o)

Christchurch City
German$25.00 /hr

From personal experience I know just how hard it can be to learn a new language. What comes natural to a native German speaker is often a grammatical ...

scottblankenship (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
German$20.00 /hr

Hi! Come and learn German with me! We don't do boring memorisation around here.

drdave (hidden, hidden)

Wellington City
English$30.00 /hr
French$30.00 /hr
German$30.00 /hr

Hi I'm David. I'm offering French, ESOL and German tuition customised to your level and experience. I have tons of experience in language teaching. I ...

nordlicht (Male, 42 y/o)

Auckland City
German$25.00 /hr

I can help you to improve your German skills and there is no better way then to communicate with a native speaker. Helping you to understand and to wr...

educationbydesign (hidden, hidden)

New Plymouth
English$40.00 /hr
German$40.00 /hr

I am a qualified, experienced teacher of German. With 14 months lecturing at a German university and Masters degree in German, I would love the op...

Bela (hidden, hidden)

Tauranga City
English$36.00 /hr
Maths$36.00 /hr
Spanish$36.00 /hr
Music$32.00 /hr
French$32.00 /hr
German$36.00 /hr

Aiding & Refining Academic Skills +++ English, German, French, Spanish, Maths +++ Writing, reading, communication, grammar+++ Dynamic & Fun! ...

Sebastian.Regber (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
German$20.00 /hr

Native German speaker offers tutoring at all stages.I can help you learning German or improve your existing skills at all levels. From the basics for ...

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