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MyBusinessNinja (Male, 39 y/o)

English$30.00 /hr
Commerce$33.00 /hr

Private tutoring to get you on track for an awesome year! Let’s get together and make a plan for realising the A’s you are capable of achieving. ...

jonnykir (Male, 62 y/o)

Waitakere City
English$40.00 /hr
Commerce$40.00 /hr

I am committed to flexibility as well as academic rigour. Meeting student needs to provide the maximum value is my first priority. I can travel anywh...

Dr0Daniela (Female, hidden)

Wellington City
Commerce$39.00 /hr
Marketing$39.00 /hr

You won't find a more qualified and experienced tutor. I might even have written the course you're studying! I offer Tutoring & Assignment Help: * A...

YourAccent (Male, 43 y/o)

Auckland City
English$35.00 /hr
Commerce$35.00 /hr

Tutorial Areas English - enunciation, pronunciation, intonation, accent development, presentation skills and speech flow. I also provide tutorials...

eama16 (Female, 27 y/o)

Christchurch City
Spanish$25.00 /hr
Commerce$30.00 /hr

Hi everyone! If you need some help with your Spanish and finances classes. just let me know! For the Spanish, I am native speaker, so it’s the bes...

sanchayasoundhar (Female, 23 y/o)

Auckland City
English$50.00 /hr
Commerce$50.00 /hr

Hi Guys! My Name is Sanchaya and I am a recent graduate from the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelors in Commerce and Arts, Majoring in M...

jimmy.bos (Male, 22 y/o)

Auckland City
Commerce$35.00 /hr
Accounting$35.00 /hr

Jimmy is a friendly, encouraging and adaptable graduate of the University of Auckland, having completed his BCom in Accounting and Commercial Law. He ...

Ameena_Hassa (Female, hidden)

Christchurch City
Commerce$20.00 /hr
Economics$25.00 /hr

Approachable easy-going attitude with the capacity to communicate complicated thoughts to individual students in a straightforward and easy-to-underst...

NiuServices (Male, 45 y/o)

Auckland City
Commerce$40.00 /hr

I know my stuff! My father has more than 45 years of accounting teaching experience and so I am not surprised that I find myself teaching accounti...

Tutor777learning (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
Commerce$23.00 /hr
Economics$23.00 /hr
Management$23.00 /hr
Accounting$23.00 /hr
Marketing$23.00 /hr

I worked as an Accounting Tutor for The Career Academy providing distance learning support to students enrolled in New Zealand Accounting courses to i...

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