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tiaboop (Female, 26 y/o)

Auckland City

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English $35.00 /hr
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I hope this profile finds you well! I'm Tianwei, a law student and tutor with 10+ years of experience with all ages. I am a recent graduate from NYU School of Law in the United States. I also have an Honors BA in History from Rice University, specialising in European Intellectual Thought. I am currently in New Zealand for a few months to spend time with my family before working in Manhattan, and enjoy teaching and keeping busy.


I took up to level 2 NCEA (with Excellence), attained Scholarship in English, and level 3 NCEA in performance music, along with taking two full years of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

I have Bachelor of Arts in History cum laude, with Honors. I also have a JD (Juris Doctor) in Law.


I have tutored in English and Music in the past, for around three years before I left the country for my Bachelors. I also spent three months intensively tutoring a student for her SAT exams, which, upon her taking them, had a 50% improvement from her previous score! During my undergraduate years, I taught fellow students Model United Nations procedures as well as British Parliamentary debating. I was a Torts Teaching Assistant and private tutor throughout my law school years as well. I have had students ranging from ages 5 to 23, and pride myself on my ability to explain things and make classes in all subjects entertaining and easy to grasp.


I'm 25 years old, and am currently in New Zealand for an extended period of time between school and work (my job is in corporate law, in Manhattan). I'm trying to make the best of the COVID-19 crisis, and spending time with my family. I like to read, play computer games, and spend time with Sparky, our family's reclusive German Shepherd.

During my undergraduate years, my primary extracurricular activity was public speaking; I attended debating tournaments both in Europe and throughout the United States, placing in 2017 among the top 40 speakers in the country for Extemporaneous and Persuasive speaking. I love to talk and to engage with others - which is probably also why I love to teach! I consider it both a challenge and a privilege to be able to truly draw a student into a subject. To superficially memorise content for an essay or exam is one thing; to truly engage with a subject is another. While I certainly will be looking to maintain a student's marks, it's that latter engagement that I most care about.

In my downtime, I like reading, spending time catching up with friends, and going for a run around the Epsom area.

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