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michaeli (Male, 19 y/o)

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North Shore City

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Biology $50.00 /hr
Hi everyone, Im Michael. Id like to offer any support for First-year university students pursuing a biomedical/health science pathway.

Academic history:

I studied Cambridge in high school and was able to achieve A* in my A-levels for both Biology and Chemistry. I really enjoyed studying both Chem and Bio and its something that I would love to support students to achieve they are capable of.

I've currently finished studying the first year Biomed at the University of Auckland and will be doing 2nd-year medicine this year.

It was an incredibly challenging first year and I would love to be able to support others through the path. The transition from High school to university is something that can be overwhelming and support can help. Id be able to help by explaining content that you may struggle to understand, giving tips that I learnt, notes that Ive made and techniques that I found most helpful. I would also be there as a support for any questions that you have about the process.

Early tutoring before the start of the academic year can be very helpful especially for students trying to pursue the medical career as I personally found the amount of content learnt as a first year Biomed/health science student in the first few weeks can be very overwhelming and easy to fall behind in.

I am more than happy to discuss details and answer any questions you have and give tips to what I suggest. I'm very flexible on what I can offer so just get in touch.


Biomed first year at UoA
Starting Medicine this year


I have done peer tutoring at highschool several times before

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