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gaughc (Female, 33 y/o)

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English $25.00 /hr
Maths $25.00 /hr
It has been my passion for working with children that originally drew me to teaching. I love seeing the excitement in children as they discover new things and develop their own questions about the world. It is this desire to learn and ability to question that creates learners for life.

I realize that no two students are the same and the greatest thing an educator can do is to use each child's unique abilities, skills and learning styles to help propel them forward. I don't believe in ever lowering the bar of expectations for students, but in leveling the playing field rather by offering supports and adjustments to the problem in order to help them students approach a challenge in a way that works for them. Sometimes simply looking at the problem in a new way is all it takes for a student to experience success. I also believe that confidence is a key component to academic success and it is important for a student to feel they trust and respect their educator if they are truly going to learn from them.


Education Specialist Credential, High Tech High Graduate School of Education 2011
BA of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2007


I recently moved to New Zealand from the states where I have spent the last 7 years as an education specialist working with children from ages 5 to 14. Before leaving I had the opportunity over the past two years to help found and direct one of the largest special needs inclusion programs in San Diego county. My passion for working with children has given me a variety of opportunities to work with children in preschool teaching early literacy, summer camp cooking classes, and real life skills through community exploration (amusement parks, restaurants practice, yoga classes and movie outings- the fun stuff!) as well as public school.


I am a passionate, adventurous and open minded lover of learning. I believe learning is the greatest thing we can do as individuals and appreciate that we each have our own unique path in doing so. I recently moved to New Zealand as an opportunity to learn more about myself, the educational programs in New Zealand, opportunities to embrace the outdoors, and eat pie. I am always up for a new adventure and love a good challenge. I love scuba diving, hiking/tramping, camping, swimming, cooking, reading, and most recently, skydiving.

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Leija (Female, 36 y/o)

Maths$20.00 /hr
Others$20.00 /hr

I am a finnish primary school teacher and art teacher who believes in both learning by doing and lifelong learning. Currently I’m working as a Te...

liamward93 (Male, 25 y/o)

Maths$30.00 /hr

I understand that each learner has individual needs and methods which suit them best, so I take great care to understand any strengths and weaknesses,...

Thaibrows (Male, 20 y/o)

German$30.00 /hr

Let me give you a hand! German is one of the hardest languages in the world, no question. Nothing the less you chose to take on this demanding task....

anna (Female, 31 y/o)

Music$16.00 /hr
Russian/Ukrainian$16.00 /hr

Hello! I'm a Russian girl who lived 9 years in Germany and has traveled one year round the world :) Life has brought me now to New Zealand and I'm exc...

marcinle (Male, 32 y/o)

Maths$40.00 /hr

I am a private tutor form Poland. I am trying to convince a student that Math isn't that bad :) My goal is to teach how to approach a problem. The sol...

james.cirell (Male, 30 y/o)

English$15.00 /hr

Hello everyone! James here. I love traveling the world and learning from new cultures and I feel that teaching English has allowed me to do that as...

dhollo (Male, 26 y/o)

English$25.00 /hr

I am a teacher from the USA with a passion for teaching and learning through fun activities and social games.

natalievickers (Female, 28 y/o)

Spanish$40.00 /hr

abijerwood (Female, 24 y/o)

English$25.00 /hr

I am a British expat, recently graduated from University at an early age with 4 years experience in English Literature and Language tutoring based in ...

kalembanks (Male, 32 y/o)

Spanish$25.00 /hr
Accounting$30.00 /hr

I love to learn, and also sharing what I learn. I also enjoy helping people. Tutoring is a great coincidence of these 2 passions. I am an easy going p...

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