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chazzy69 (Male, hidden)

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Music $80.00 /hr
I belong to the Leading Edge Mentors in Music and Languages (LEMML) is a worldwide network of music teachers who mentor students who have no access to music learning in a normal school or studio setting. Lessons are one-on-one conducted via skype or zoom using language immersion in either one of these languages currently being offered: English, Spanish or French. An opportunity is given to interact with other students and teachers on a half yearly basis by means of a master class online or at our headquarters in Queenstown, New Zealand. Recitals are offered on an annual basis at a location convenient for everyone. Language courses are also offered as a separate language instruction for children who are not yet fluent in their parents’ mother tongue. Children and adults can enroll in language lessons irrespective of music lessons. Students may opt to have studio lessons at our convenient location in the middle of Queenstown.

I focus on the individual student’s musical needs in order to meet specific requirements of international proficiency testing of world-wide examination boards (such as TCL/ABRSM/AMEB), leading towards diploma and certification, high school and college credits (contingent upon regulations of independent schools and colleges in various state or provincial jurisdictions), as well as entrance matriculation to colleges and universities. NZMEB (New Zealand Music Examinations Board) is our central focus.

Programs implemented at LEMML prepare students for a career in music, either in performance, composition, musicology, pedagogy, or to simply engage them for self-enrichment and enjoyment purposes

My goal is to develop a musical gift in a manner that is sensitive to his or her natural ability to respond to immediate surroundings of sound and music. From as early as 5 years of age, we assist in shaping the child’s natural aural perception into a skill of recreating sound through the art of extemporization at the instrument. Linear and spatial dimensions on paper are taught concurrently at the youngest age which gradually develop into full notation on manuscript. Aural perception and notation become integrated skills in aural awareness, abstract thinking, melody writing, chordal progressions, improvisation eventually leading towards the study of composition techniques. The child’s nurtured ability to comprehend and analyze these related concepts enable him or her to become a well rounded musician, better sight reader, and to increase repertoire in less time.

My immediate goal is to enhance secure development to each higher level of musical and technical proficiency with good sense of direction, advancement, enjoyment, and creativity.

All teaching pedagogies are implemented to recreate a uniquely satisfying musical journey: Kodaly, Suzuki, Alexander Technique etc to prepare for various music examinations board (NZ, AU, US, UK) and in the realm of the student’s individual needs: the gifted and talented, special education, and students with learning difficulties.


M. Ed. (Music)
B. Mus.
B.A. (Spanish/French/German/Music)


Music Education Coordinator
Oct 1997 - Present
Johannes School of Music Scholastic Studies
Ronald structures and restructures educational programs in piano and vocal performance, music theory, composition, harmony, counterpoint, score-reading, orchestration, and history.

Piano and Voice lecturer
Feb 1990 - Dec 1996
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Director and Teacher in Special Education
Feb 1987 - Dec 1996
Amadeus School of Music, Sydney, Australia
Perform curriculum that uses music therapy to facilitate and enhance cognitive response in children with learning disabilities and difficulties, particularly children with autism.

Chaz also taught and supervised teachers in piano, vocal performance, and music theory in preparation for the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)


Practicing, composing, teaching piano/singing, reading and increasing awareness in pedagogy and Spanish literature.

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chazzy69 (Male, hidden)

Music$80.00 /hr

I belong to the Leading Edge Mentors in Music and Languages (LEMML) is a worldwide network of music teachers who mentor students who have no access to...

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