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vera0612 (Female, 35 y/o)

Auckland City
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German $30.00 /hr
Hi there,

My name is Vera, I am a 34 year old mom of a 7 months old little boy and I have been living in NZ for nearly 7 years.
My partner is born and bred in NZ, he speaks some German and our son is growing up bilingual.
Before I came to NZ I had finished my studies to become a Social Worker in Germany and after working for a couple of years, I decided to leave to do some travelling. I spent 2 years discovering NZ,OZ and parts of South- East- Asia and I just love getting to know different cultures and meeting new people.


Tutoring Approach:
I really enjoy meeting new people and showing them the joys of learning a new language, as well a specifically enjoying German as a language: I think often people have the idea that German is very hard to learn and that it sounds a bit like a type writer being kicked down a set of stairs...and it can ;) But it's as well a very soft language with a big range of words that are fun to play around with.
As my focus is largely on working with adults and practicing every day conversation, I love to focus on sharing and talking about everyday life (i.e feelings,politics, art etc.). For that I like using German magazines, read and go through articles, recommend movies and music to learn with and even sometimes cook or bake with people, as I realised that food is as well a big part of culture and it's fun learning while preparing and eating food. Last but not least the person I teach has to decide what is important to them: what do they want to learn.


Tutoring Experience:
Shortly after I moved here I started teaching German at a language school for adults in the CBD, as well as giving casual group and single lessons, just practicing " everyday conversation" in German.
When I started my OE in my mid 20s I have had more than 10 years experience in school English as my 2nd language...and reality hit me hard when I arrived in OZ, realising I couldn't have a proper casual conversation with other travellers and native speakers: I had learnt grammar and vocabulary- both of course important- but not how to just use it in real life. That was a big disappointment to me.
Since then, when I meet people learning another language, I can't emphasize enough that learning a language has to include practicing everyday conversation to be able to connect theory and practice- and therefore to really connect with another culture and people.
Apart from experience in teaching German I was as well a teacher aid ( in Germany,as well as in NZ) in schools for children and teenagers with special needs. I had started my degree as a teacher back in Germany, but had changed to a Social Work degree after the first 2 years.


I love music, I love food (making it and eating it- especially when it's new food from other countries!) and I love meeting new people.
My partner and I are sharing our house with family and friends as often as we can and we invite people staying with us through Air bnb, as we enjoy bringing people from different countries and cultures into our home.

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