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carollin (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
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Mandarin $35.00 /hr
I moved to Taiwan in 2018. Only ONLINE Tutoring available now. :)

* 2 year experience on teaching English speakers of beginner level.
* Teach both traditional and simplified Chinese. Explain characters in a systematic and logical way, which strengthen your memory and use both as a Chinese native.
* Speak fluent English to fasten your learning speed.
* Different learning materials will be discussed in our first free meeting. (eg. school books in USA, or in the Learning center of National Taiwan Normal University.) All with Pinyin/Zhuyin phonetic symbols.
* The class will be highly personalized to suit each learner, Eg. focusing on culture, conversation, reading, business, or travel...
* I'm easygoing, funny and patient. With master degree in Business, 5-year working experience in Banking/Finance industry, also with lots of language learning experience in English and currently studying Japanese.
* I am not a Premium member in the site, so I CAN NOT view your messages. Pls txt o2lo8522886 for further contact and arrangement. Thank you.


-- a Certified Mandarin Chinese Teacher
-- Mother languages: Mandarin Chinese, Min Nan(Taiwanese)
-- Fluent in American English, learning the Kiwi tongue recently
-- Knowing 4 languages(Mandarin, English, Japanese, MinNan). The most effective learning methods will be shared.
-- With Master degree in Business and 5 year working experience in Finance industry, I am the right person if you'd like to know more about the Chinese business culture.


-- Having 3-year tutoring, Carol helped English speakers to get used to the life in Taiwan, let Kiwis know more about Chinese world and even help to build business/relationship with Chinese.
-- Classes are personalized designed to suit each of you.
-- The tuition is in a communal study room of an apartment right in CBD - a comfortable learning space, unless you'd prefer others.
-- My Blog: please search "Bopomofo Mandarin 注音學華語"


Love cultures and history. Interested in human behaviors. Enjoy doing Yoga, and learn swimming at this stage.
I'm basically a free style person but trained to be detail-oriented when needed. :)

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Rating: 5/5 | 23 Nov 2015

Enjoyed my time with Carol. She made sure to speak Mandarin often and I was surprised at how much I could follow and how much of the lesson could be conducted in the target language. She made sure to print a lot of useful materials as well. Recommended.

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Dverka (Female, 30 y/o)

5 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
Russian/Ukrainian$25.00 /hr

Who wants to get closer to Russia without leaving NZ - welcome! I have a solid academic background in teaching Russian + have been a tutor in St. Pete...

helen456 (Female, 19 y/o)

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Auckland City
Maths$25.00 /hr
Statistics$25.00 /hr

Considerable tutoring experience in Mathematics. I achieved an Excellence endorsement in NCEA Levels 2 and 3 and was awarded the Carlien Calvert Prize...

davellatang (Female, 20 y/o)

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Auckland City
Mandarin$25.00 /hr
Language (Other)$25.00 /hr

Hello. My name is Davella, an international student studying Language Teaching and Linguistics at Auckland University. I had lived in China for 18 yea...

TeacherAnne (Female, 27 y/o)

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Auckland City
English$50.00 /hr

Need to improve your English for school, work or everyday life for a good price? Do you or someone you know want to speak, listen, write and read Engl...

clin0425 (Male, 32 y/o)

5 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
Economics$40.00 /hr

Hi guys, my name is Jeff. I had finished my study and is now back to my home country, thus I will only be able to "assist" (e.g. write it for you)...

carollin (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
Mandarin$35.00 /hr

I moved to Taiwan in 2018. Only ONLINE Tutoring available now. :) * 2 year experience on teaching English speakers of beginner level. * Teach both...

genevievedon (hidden, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
English$28.00 /hr
Others$28.00 /hr

I specialise in providing academic editing and proofreading services to secondary and tertiary students. I am able to edit your essay or thesis using ...

DanielM (Male, hidden)

4.67 (3 reviews)
Auckland City
English$20.00 /hr

Hello there, I'm Daniel, a Kiwi English Tutor & Career/Life Coach. I am a native English speaker from NZ with many years of experience in English t...

Luisa0304 (hidden, hidden)

4 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
Mandarin$30.00 /hr
Japanese$25.00 /hr

I am an open-minded and outgoing person; therefore, the teaching atmosphere won't be tedious. Moreover, attitude is the most important factor to do ev...

Jonatan (Male, 36 y/o)

Auckland City
Spanish$40.00 /hr

I am Spanish, since my childhood, I have always been passionate about teaching Spanish (culture and language) while learning other cultures.

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