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rolifent5 (Female, 21 y/o)

Wellington City
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Science $20.00 /hr
Hi! I am soon graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science. I am passionate about the sciences, and also have a flare for English and very much have the capabilities to tutor NCEA in this subject.
I am keeping my hourly rate lower, as I do have limited experience with tutoring; however I have always loved teaching and put huge effort into everything I undertake. I am very willing to work with a student in a way that works for them; or implement a variety of teaching techniques until finding the right style for the student; and will remain flexible. Please feel free to contact me for any further questions. Thank you!


Levels 1,2, and 3 NCEA
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (two more months until degree completion)


Have tutored English and level 1, 2, and 3 sciences as a volunteer while in high school.

I have a specific interest in tutoring biology or English; and am also happy to provide extra teaching or guidance to anyone wishing to enter a medical field after high school who would like to broaden their scientific knowledge into the medical/human biology field.


I love reading in my spare time, going to the gym and on hikes, and spending time with friends.

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DynamicTutorsNZ (Female, hidden)

5 (2 reviews)
Auckland City
Science$50.00 /hr
Chemistry$50.00 /hr

I recently graduated with a Masters of Biomedical Science Degree at the University of Auckland and obtained a honors award I specialize in the are...

Charlotte_Rose_ (Female, 32 y/o)

5 (1 reviews)
Hamilton City
Science$60.00 /hr

Fully Qualified High School Chemistry and Science teacher. For the past 7 years I have been teaching and tutoring high school Science, Chemistry and...

E_Bradley (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Wellington City
Maths$25.00 /hr
Science$25.00 /hr

Hi, Over three years teaching private students maths (high school level), music (beginners), biology and chemistry to all levels (not full-time). J...

novyl (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Wellington City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Science$30.00 /hr

Fun and approachable. I inspire and motivate! :D Let's do some math!

srussell (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Upper Hutt City
Maths$40.00 /hr
Science$40.00 /hr

Worried about your Mathematics or Science skills? I am available to tutor Maths to NCEA Level 1 & all sciences NCEA Levels 1-3. I tutor from my home...

MsBurn (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
English$25.00 /hr
Science$30.00 /hr

I'm a qualified secondary school teacher who has moved from the UK to Auckland. I'm passionate about helping others learn and achieve their best. I'm ...

rolifent5 (Female, 21 y/o)

Wellington City
Science$20.00 /hr

Hi! I am soon graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science. I am passionate about the sciences, and also have a flare for Englis...

lisado (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
English$50.00 /hr
Science$50.00 /hr

Hi there, I am currently working as a registered nurse at Auckland City Hospital, I have completed my bachelor of science in nursing and postgradu...

aprasad (Female, hidden)

Manukau City
Science$40.00 /hr
Biology$50.00 /hr

Hi I can provide 1: 1 tuition for NCEA science and biology levels 1,2 and 3 for an hour only on weekends. Saturday afternoon or Sunday whichever ti...

nasir123 (Male, 24 y/o)

Science$10.00 /hr

first of all i will provide a free demo class

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