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SebastienFournier (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
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French $25.00 /hr
Bonjour, I come from south Switzerland (fresh from the Alps) and can speak English, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian at various level of proficiency, french being my mother tongue, I am perfectly fluent in it.

As for now, I am enrolled at the University of Auckland, where I am studying linguistics and language teaching.
I therefore wish to put this knowledge to the benefit of my new community.

I am living close to the city and can meet you in the surroundings, furthermore my schedule is quite flexible.
Even though, I look dead serious in the photo, I do like being around people and have a sense of humor.


As a student of many languages, I am aware of the chalenges awaiting the learners in the vast sea of knowledge.
I have also travelled a lot, which helped build my "people" skill.


I am currently helping a friend learning Italian and "language teaching" is my major at the University of Auckland.


I enjoy literature (doesn't everyone do?), cartography, linguistics and nature.

My ambition is to become a full-time writer and to live in NZ.

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Premium Trent.L (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
French$30.00 /hr

Bonjour! I am an experienced and passionate French tutor who likes to ensure the student gets the most out of their lessons. During the French ...

Premium ShanaTuteling (Female, 26 y/o)

Auckland City
English$55.00 /hr
Spanish$55.00 /hr
French$55.00 /hr
Language (Other)$55.00 /hr

Hi, I am an experienced and qualified language teacher. I teach English as another language, French, Spanish and Linguistics. I am also a proofread...

elisabethb (Female, hidden)

5 (1 reviews)
Wellington City
French$18.00 /hr

I am a French young adult who fell in love with New Zealand and moved to Wellington last year. I value my culture and my language and I enjoy helping ...

Christine (Female, 24 y/o)

Wellington City
French$20.00 /hr

Bonjour! My name is Christine, I am a French native speaker, and currently living in Wellington City. Email me with your level and your expectations...

Gauthierhaicault (Male, 22 y/o)

Dunedin City
French$20.00 /hr

Hi, I'm a french student at the University of Otago. (22 years old) I'm in New Zealand since March. I'm looking for opportunities. I will come back in...

Johan (Male, 22 y/o)

Auckland City
French$20.00 /hr

Kia Ora, I m Johan, I leave France to improve my english. I will prepare my master degree in September. During the time of my trip in New Zealand, i ...

Maud1104 (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
French$40.00 /hr

Bonjour! I'm a native, qualified and experienced French teacher living in Auckland since 2014. Teaching my language and culture through fun activit...

Yasmine (Female, 27 y/o)

Auckland City
Spanish$25.00 /hr
French$25.00 /hr

Hello everyone! My name is Yasmine and I just arrived in Auckland to settle there after two years in Australia. I am 27 years old and I study crim...

VincentV (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
French$20.00 /hr

Bonjour ! I'm a 24y.o french student. After 6 months in Chile working in adventure tourism, I'm now in New-Zealand to discover the country and comple...

VioletteLL (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
Spanish$25.00 /hr
French$40.00 /hr

Hi! I’m a French tutor, native speaker, looking for some students. I‘ve been teaching for a year to students with different levels, from beginner...

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