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saradicksontutor (Female, 18 y/o)

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Chemistry $20.00 /hr
German $20.00 /hr
Hi there!
If you are looking for someone to explain key concepts and break things down for you, you're in the right place!
My name is Sara, and I just graduated high school last year (2017).
I'm currently based in Selwyn, but I go to UC in town every weekday.


NCEA L1,2 with Excellence
NCEA L3 with Merit
NZQA Chemistry Scholarship
5 years of German and two months spent living in Germany speaking the language.


I have informally tutored classmates and friends throughout my time in NCEA.


I love learning languages, which is why I took German at high school and am taking Spanish at University.
I'm doing a degree in linguistics currently.
I love watching movies and reading, going for walks and listening to music.
A lot of my time is spent looking after my three dogs, but it is time well spent!

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hannaaau (Female, 20 y/o)

Wellington City
Science$25.00 /hr
Chemistry$25.00 /hr

Hi there, I'm currently a student at Victoria University and studying to get a Biomedical Science degree. I'm doing double major in Molecular Patho...

jdpaauwe (hidden, 35 y/o)

Auckland City
Chemistry$40.00 /hr
Physics$30.00 /hr

Hi Im JD I am a secondary school Chemistry and Physics teacher with 5+ years experience as a High school teacher as well as 7+ years at university...

Jessica (Female, 27 y/o)

Auckland City
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I am a Pharmacist and have been practicing for the past 3 years. I have also achieved good grades in university and school. I am able to teach Chemis...

geoffreydharmadi (Male, 19 y/o)

Auckland City
Maths$35.00 /hr
Chemistry$35.00 /hr

I am currently a first year student at University of Auckland studying a BSc. Being a first year student means that the knowledge is still fresh in my...

MonicaMonterozo (Female, 31 y/o)

Auckland City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

Hi! I am a PhD Engineering student at the University of Auckland who's passionate about teaching. It is my pleasure to help you with your academic nee...

jwang31 (Female, 23 y/o)

Auckland City
Chemistry$25.00 /hr
Physics$25.00 /hr

I am a current Medical student at University of Auckland

atromans (Male, 48 y/o)

Christchurch City
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I have experience tutoring, lecturing and demonstrating chemistry to University students at Edith Cowan and Murdoch Universities in Australia. I have ...

Khiang (Male, hidden)

Manukau City
Maths$23.00 /hr
Chemistry$35.00 /hr

Hey! I'm Khiang, Nice to meet you. I am here to tutor for Maths, Chemistry, Physic and Biology of any levels ( 13 and below ). I'm currently in my...

shellshockt (hidden, hidden)

Auckland City
Science$70.00 /hr
Chemistry$70.00 /hr

NCEA Chemistry tuition over 20 years experience teaching Science & Chemistry over 10 years experience tutoring Chemistry over 15 years experience...

Panan (Female, 48 y/o)

Palmerston North City
Biology$25.00 /hr
Chemistry$25.00 /hr

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