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hannaaau (Female, 20 y/o)

Wellington City
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Science $25.00 /hr
Chemistry $25.00 /hr
Hi there,

I'm currently a student at Victoria University and studying to get a Biomedical Science degree. I'm doing double major in Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology&Medicinal Chemistry. I moved to New Zealand about 2 years ago and am loving it here!


I only did 6 months of NCEA Level 2 and managed to do pretty well. The courses I took in my Level 2 were:

Earth and Space Science

I earned a Merit endorsed for my overall NCEA Level 3. The courses I took were:

Business Studies

I am currently in my first year of a Biomedical Science degree which means I can be a great help to kids focusing on science and maths. I'm very comfortable teaching all NCEA L1 materials and most NCEA L2 materials.

I am not as confident in teaching NCEA L3 materials. However, I can offer to check your work, assist where you are having problems by going over the materials with you and give you study tips. As I progress in my degree, I would be able to gain more confidence in my understanding of NCEA L3 materials.


My tutoring experience is mostly teaching my little sister who is currently doing NCEA Level 2.

I am easy going and patient so there won't be lingering awkwardness :)


I love being in the kitchen whether it's baking or cooking. So, if you have any great recipes, PLEASE SHARE. I spend most of my time volunteering and am very active in several organisations. On my day off, I enjoy going for walks and going to cafés around Wellington. To me, the cafés here are like Welly's little treasure hunt. You never know what you're going to find.

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DynamicTutorsNZ (Female, hidden)

5 (2 reviews)
Auckland City
Science$50.00 /hr
Chemistry$50.00 /hr

I recently graduated with a Masters of Biomedical Science Degree at the University of Auckland and obtained a honors award I specialize in the are...

patchoulikana (Male, 25 y/o)

5 (1 reviews)
Palmerston North City
Mandarin$15.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

High grade graduate from the University of Auckland. Friendly tutor hoping to help high school students' science courses and undergrad students' Chemi...

mmespinoza (Female, 41 y/o)

Hutt City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

Able to assist anyone who is keen to learn

ngom492 (Female, 25 y/o)

Waitakere City
English$35.00 /hr
Maths$35.00 /hr
Science$35.00 /hr
Chemistry$35.00 /hr

With 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE tutoring Maths and Chemistry. Graduate of Auckland University! I tutor high school science subjects in both NCEA and Cam...

Justyna (Female, 26 y/o)

Manukau City
Chemistry$35.00 /hr

Hello! I've recently graduated with Master's degree from University of Medical Science. I'm friendly person with positive attitude. I offer chemist...

saradicksontutor (Female, 18 y/o)

Chemistry$20.00 /hr
German$20.00 /hr

Hi there! If you are looking for someone to explain key concepts and break things down for you, you're in the right place! My name is Sara, and I ju...

Sanji (Female, 19 y/o)

Auckland City
Biology$20.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

kristimungure (Female, 27 y/o)

Dunedin City
Science$30.00 /hr
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I have a passion for science and teaching, in particular health science. If you want to understand a discipline of science out of interest, or need to...

sallyhayes (Female, 25 y/o)

Christchurch City
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I hold a bachelor's degree in chemistry, a postgraduate diploma in environmental science, and I am about to head into my final year of university stud...

Diksha24 (Female, 24 y/o)

Manukau City
Maths$45.00 /hr
Chemistry$45.00 /hr

Hello, I have recently graduated with Bachelors of Science majoring in Food Science from AUT university and i am working as Food Technologist with Mil...

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