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New Zealand Sign Language Tutors Association (NZSLTA)

New Zealand Sign Language Tutors Association (NZSLTA) is a national professional organisation for New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Tutors throughout New Zealand.

There are two non-affiliated regional branches that currently are active - Tutors Auckland Branch and NZSL Southern Tutors Branch.

NZSLTA has organised workshops and conferences for tutors so they can fine-tune their teaching skills and develop materials and resources for NZSL classes. Newsletters are also produced three times a year to give information on current issues of sign language teaching.

NZSLTA and local branches also give out information as to where NZSL classes can be set up or located in their regions. Workshops on Deaf culture and storytelling competitions are sponsored by NZSLTA from time to time. Camps are organised for NZSL students throughout New Zealand.

NZSLTA has its General Meeting every two years and from that meeting representatives are elected on the Board of NZSLTA.

Anyone who is interested in teaching New Zealand Sign Language is welcome to join NZSLTA and support the mission and goals of the New Zealand Sign Language Tutors Association.

Source or Article: http://www.nzslta.org.nz
Website: http://www.nzslta.org.nz

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