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joy9891 (Female, 34 y/o)

Christchurch City

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Mandarin $20.00 /hr
Who I am

I. Interested in Language and dialect, culture

a. My major is Japanese language and spent 2 years learning & working in Australia.
b. I read a bunch of books about language, phonetics, and linguistics.
c. I audited a linguistics class and am currently working on how to master an accent.
d. I have watched more than 300 episodes of BBC, NHK documentaries primarily focused on various aspects of different cultures.

II. Good food lover
a. I travel to try different food.
b. I am trying to live sustainably and healthily.
c. I am a second-hand vegetarian.


Certificate of Mandarin rate B level 1(high level )


1. Two years of experience in tutoring Mandarin.
2. Passionate about teaching Chinses characters uniquely, make connections between the characters, real-life
experience, and culture.
3. certificate of Mandarin rate B level 1(high level ), my students usually can have a good pronunciation.
4. Various teaching listening methods

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