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Japanese $40.00 /hr
Communicate Confidently! Take Your Japanese Skills to The Next Level.
If you're still struggling with business Japanese, daily conversation, writing Japanese, JLPT, listening to movies and anime even though you've already learned Japanese on your own, this is the right place. If you love Japan but you don't know how to learn Japanese from scratch, I'm here to help you.


I have a Japanese Language Teacher Certificate.
(The World Japanese Language Center in Australia)
So, I know what kind of mistakes learners are prone to make grammatically and phonetically, and how to teach grammar in English as well.

Academic Degree:
- Bachelor's degrees in Economics, International Economics


In My Class
All levels welcome

My teaching style is flexible. I would like my students to have a good time while they rack their brains, so I plan to use different methods.

Generally, includes conversation, reading comprehension, pronunciation and grammar drills. The materials used also reflect the student's interests and specific needs. I like to include different topics: literature, movies, music, manga, food, outdoors, travel, etc.

The files and internet links will be used to supplement the lesson. I can set homework as needed.

For absolute beginners, the focus is on sounds, basic vocabulary/phrases, and basic grammar.

For intermediate and advanced students, the casual conversation will help you understand and identify grammatical patterns.

-Free Conversation (for Upper Intermediate and Advanced Students)
-Survival Conversation
-Hiragana/Katakana Practice
-Kanji Practice
-Travel Japanese
-Interview Preparation in Japanese
-How to write CV or resumes
-Proofreading your writing
-Reading books and news
-JLPT Prep


About Me:
I am originally from Japan but currently live in New Zealand.
I've been teaching Japanese to my friends and their kids for about three years not only online but also in person. I enjoyed it so much that I am now taking a Japanese language advanced teaching course to become a professional Japanese teacher.

Academic Degree:
- Bachelor degrees of Economics, International Economics

Working Experiences:
- Full-timer at a Telecommunications Carrier
- Copywriter at a German Apparel Company in Japan
- Full-timer at a Japanese company which focuses on correspondence education and publishing.
- Part-timer at an international project between a local government and National University

I usually work as a copywriter and translator. Having worked at several companies or institutions for more than 10 years, I can teach effective and creative writing in Japanese, Business Japanese, CV, and a cover letter.

I am very patient, open-minded, and calm. I always try to stay positive. People often find me approachable.

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