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RachelLittleEinstein (Female, 43 y/o)

North Shore City

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My name is Rachel, I am a NZ trained and registered teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. My career started in NZ before working in Melbourne. A working holiday experience in London transformed into over a decade, where I worked in several preparatory schools. Since migrating back home to NZ 6 years ago, I have worked in several North Shore schools as a relief teacher, taught at Kristin School and had 2 children. For the majority of my career I have also tutored. My wide teaching experience has also given my experience with multiple curriculums including NZ, Victorian, British and 11+ and IB.

Last year I finally decided to move away from classroom teaching 5 days a week and focus on my dream of opening Little Einstein Tutors.
Many of my teaching roles have had an emphasis on working with students in smaller groups for extension, support and ESOL. I have extensive experience teaching students who are neuro diverse, have dyslexia, dyscalculia and/ or dyspraxia.
I believe everyone has the right to learn and recognise that there is no one way for this to be done. I provide children with well planned lessons taught and designed by me (a real human). Students are not taught by a computer generated programme, or follow a text book, like many tuition franchises or private tutors. I am able to adapt, fast forward, back track or redesign lessons at a seconds notice whenever necessary.

I offer truely individualised learning, recognising that all children learn differently. Resilience is comforted, creativity encouraged and confidence is built. Children laugh, make mistakes and learn through lessons that are specifically designed for them. When organising a lesson I consider your child’s passions and learning styles. Learning is at a pace appropriate to the individual.


I hold a Bachelor of Education (2001), In 2009 I completed QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in the UK. I also have completed post graduate papers in various teaching methods including Action Learning. I continue to complete professional development, last year this included extensive mathematical research and a 3 day course about personality types using PCM.


I have held several roles throughout my career. Whilst living in London for a decade, I worked in several preparatory schools, many being quite prestigious, others humble small schools nestled in suburban areas. I have now been back in NZ for 6 years, and I have worked Kristin School in Albany, taught in a few North Shore schools as a relief teacher and most recently at AGE school in Takapuna.


I am a friendly relaxed tutor who gets to know the individual student, their weaknesses and strengths, it is important for me that the children believe that education can be fun and have the chance to develop confidence, ask questions and make mistakes.

I grew up in a rural township in South Canterbury and since Graduating from Dunedin College of Education I have lived and worked in Australia, the U.K and now Auckland. Whilst working overseas I loved the opportunity to travel extensively. Nowadays I love living back in New Zealand and the fact that my 2 girls are growing up as kiwi kids. Other hobbies include cooking, running and netball, although at the moment, I am busy being a parent!

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