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YuliaD93 (Female, 24 y/o)

Waitakere City
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Biology $30.00 /hr
Struggling with understanding human anatomy and physiology or pharmacology? I am a third-year nursing student and I am passionate about these subjects! I enjoyed learning about them so much I received all A grades and now would be keen to tutor in the subject so you pass with flying colours too (and hopefully make you as excited as me along the way!).
I am also open to providing general guidance in navigating the stressful course of studying nursing. Being bilingual, I can appreciate the challenges of studying subjects at university which aren't taught in your native language. It also enables me to come up with creative ways to work around it, regardless of what your native language is.


Currently a 3rd year nursing student.


I have led small study groups with my peers in preparation for exams. I received positive feedback about my teaching abilities, particularly about simplifying complex concepts. I am also an effective communicator and have a positive and a can-do attitude.


I am an avid reader, my reading interests encompass a vast array of topics. I also enjoy outdoors and go out hiking in the beautiful NZ bush.

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Natashaltkn (Female, 54 y/o)

Waitakere City
Maths$50.00 /hr

I am a secondary school teacher and have been teaching and tutoring Mathematics and Statistics for more than 30 years now. My strongest areas of exp...

Danny (Male, 27 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

I am happy to offer my services as a passionate and patient biology tutor :) I enjoy teaching biology as I'm able to tailor my explanations in diff...

ashia (hidden, hidden)

Waitakere City
Maths$25.00 /hr

Maths and Accounting Tutor ( For All Levels) Helping students excel in maths and accounting. Progress is guaranteed. After school lesson. Con...

aliciabaxter (Female, 19 y/o)

Waitakere City
English$20.00 /hr

I am a student from Massey University studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Chemistry. My hobbies include writing, cooking and exerc...

M.Walton (Female, 26 y/o)

Waitakere City
English$25.00 /hr

With over 5 years of experience, I'm an energetic and personable tutor who values excellence and good quality education. I've undertaken my Secondary ...

YuliaD93 (Female, 24 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

Struggling with understanding human anatomy and physiology or pharmacology? I am a third-year nursing student and I am passionate about these subjects...

jche745 (Male, 21 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

Hey, I am currently a second year medical student who has finished a degree in Physiology at the University Of Auckland with A grades in all my pa...

gias (Male, 42 y/o)

Waitakere City
Computer$10.00 /hr

I have 10+ years IT practical and teaching experience. I have enough experience to deal with student and clients for IT Systems and Network. Hope you ...

jasonyctam (hidden, hidden)

Waitakere City
Maths$75.00 /hr
Physics$75.00 /hr

I have recently completed my Doctorate in Physics at the University of W├╝rzburg in Germany, specializing in Particle Physics. My project involved wor...

Kiyo (Female, hidden)

Waitakere City
Japanese$35.00 /hr

Hi I am a native Japanese speaker who also have teaching experiences in New Zealand Secondary schools. I taught Japanese to year 9 to year 13 student...

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