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SophieH (Female, 18 y/o)

North Shore City
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English $25.00 /hr
Maths $25.00 /hr
French $25.00 /hr
Hi there!
I am an energetic and accomplished tutor with over a year's experience behind me. My experience as a tutor has taught me to ensure lessons are clear and engaging. Immense positive feedback from my students and their parents confirms my ability as a tutor. I can clearly communicate with others, allowing me to teach effectively and tailor lessons to your understanding and learning style. I am self motivated, have excellent work ethic, and take pride in my interpersonal skills. I am confident teaching English up to NCEA Level 1; Biology, Chemistry and French up to NCEA Level 2; and Maths up to NCEA Level 3. Don't hesitate to contact me to unlock your potential!


NCEA Level 1 endorsed with Excellence
NCEA Level 2 endorsed with Excellence

Level 1 Maths, Physics, Biology, French, Geography endorsed with Excellence
Level 2 Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, French endorsed with Excellence
Level 3 Maths endorsed with Excellence
Level 1 and 2 English endorsed with Merit


A variety of experience has allowed me to grow into an accomplished tutor. For over a year, I have been tutoring students aged 12-14 at Tutor33. Teaching this age group has taught me to make lesson content engaging and to communicate well with the student to see how much they understand. I further developed my ability to maintain a good relationship with students during a two day Peer Support training course. Both babysitting for a family of four children and working in the school tuck-shop have seen me in a busy environment where I am required to manage groups of people.


Outside of school I enjoy dancing, running, and debating with a passion. Additionally I have received a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

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Premium Masaru (Male, 50 y/o)

5 (2 reviews)
North Shore City
Maths$50.00 /hr
Japanese$50.00 /hr

I have solid experience of teaching and/or tutoring Japanese & Mathematics & Statistics as a teacher in NZ high schools and/or private tutor, with the...

KellySimkins33 (Female, 33 y/o)

North Shore City
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Quality after-school English and Media Studies tuition available from a knowledgeable and experienced, registered teacher. Tuition for all levels ...

zenggangliu (Male, 45 y/o)

North Shore City
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I have been a programmer for more than 10 years and currently running a C++ development course( Each course for $30) based on the 3D Game Engine I am ...

CarmenRommelfanger (Female, 27 y/o)

North Shore City
German$25.00 /hr

I am 26 years old and a native speaker from Germany. I just moved to NZ which means that I am still up to date with the newest teaching material from ...

SophieH (Female, 18 y/o)

North Shore City
English$25.00 /hr
Maths$25.00 /hr
French$25.00 /hr

Hi there! I am an energetic and accomplished tutor with over a year's experience behind me. My experience as a tutor has taught me to ensure lessons ...

Tutoramy (Female, 34 y/o)

North Shore City
Maths$60.00 /hr
Statistics$60.00 /hr

I'm a very experienced Math/Statistics tutor and I've had tutees from all walks of life. I have a very flexible style in tutoring as every tutee i...

misswilliamstutoring (Female, 29 y/o)

North Shore City
English$45.00 /hr

I am a friendly, highly organised, competent and creative English teacher looking to assist students with NCEA English in 1-1 situations. Sometimes wh...

hetalranchhod (Female, 22 y/o)

North Shore City
English$25.00 /hr

Hi! Are you looking for an English tutor to help enhance your written or verbal skills? You've come to the right place. I am a 21-year-old New Zealand...

HadiDabodub (Male, 24 y/o)

North Shore City
Computer$40.00 /hr
Design$40.00 /hr

Hi, I am more of a trainer rather than a tutor, i don't believe that IT subjects can be tutored (some maybe yes). my style is punch up front. ...

kellyteach (Female, 33 y/o)

North Shore City
English$45.00 /hr

Hi there! My name is Kelly and I am a fully registered English and Media Studies teacher with a professional outlook and persona. I'm very reliable an...

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