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ghostwriter04 (Male, 63 y/o)

Auckland City
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English $30.00 /hr
Statistics $40.00 /hr
I can teach most subjects, I have degrees in Science and Commerce. I have taught at tertiary level in NZ for a number of years. I can also proof read and or help people write. I have supervised over 50 post graduate students and edited over 2000 papers across a large range of subjects.


BSc (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
MSc (Zoology)
BCom (Econometrics, Operations Research)


Lecturer in IT, Statistics, Commerce.
Editor for Flying Note and Harrisco (both Korean based companies)


Property Investment and Maintenance
Athletics (currently representing Auckland in Harriers and competing nationally in a range of events).

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Tutoramy (Female, 34 y/o)

North Shore City
Maths$60.00 /hr
Statistics$60.00 /hr

I'm a very experienced Math/Statistics tutor and I've had tutees from all walks of life. I have a very flexible style in tutoring as every tutee i...

waheed (Male, hidden)

North Shore City
Maths$30.00 /hr
Statistics$30.00 /hr

My qualification is PhD (Mathematics) which is assessed by NZQA at Level 10. I have more than Twelve years of teaching experience at School, College, ...

ants1410 (Male, 33 y/o)

Auckland City
Economics$40.00 /hr
Statistics$40.00 /hr

I approach tutoring with one philosophy - "Make it simple". Many textbooks and lecture notes are filled with complicated mathematical notations which ...

g.frigerioporta (Male, 32 y/o)

Palmerston North City
Statistics$25.00 /hr

I am a PhD students in Statistics at Massey University in Palmerston North, with strong knowledge in Statistics and Applied Statistics. I am able to ...

shahid01921 (Male, 33 y/o)

Auckland City
Maths$18.00 /hr
Statistics$18.00 /hr

I am Mohammad Shahidul Islam. I am a PhD student and Tutor/Teaching Assistant at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). I completed my Master of Sci...

ghostwriter04 (Male, 63 y/o)

Auckland City
English$30.00 /hr
Statistics$40.00 /hr

I can teach most subjects, I have degrees in Science and Commerce. I have taught at tertiary level in NZ for a number of years. I can also proof read ...

wanessa (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
English$55.00 /hr
Science$65.00 /hr
Biology$55.00 /hr
Statistics$65.00 /hr

Skype session and Essay Writing coaching. Hi there, I have a deep passion and commitment for making you learn whatever you have to learn, and ...

eve_marni (Female, hidden)

Auckland City
Maths$50.00 /hr
Statistics$50.00 /hr

I have a BSc in mathematics and psychology, with first class honors in psychology, and a MSc in statistics, with first class honors. In 2015 I was awa...

Moe (Male, hidden)

Auckland City
Accounting$35.00 /hr
Statistics$35.00 /hr

One-on-One tutoring in accounting, finance, risk management, business statistics, marketing and startegy. Not only will you secure a good mark in exam...

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