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maxlife (Female, 47 y/o)

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English $25.00 /hr
Maths $25.00 /hr
Management $25.00 /hr
Sport -n/a-
Others $25.00 /hr
I have 20 years experience teaching Year 5 - Year 12 (12-17 yrs ). Specialised in English, Health and Physical Education.

For the last 20 years I have worked extensively in Auckland teaching students from a variety of academic backgrounds. In 1997-2003 I ran a very successful tutoring school in South Auckland with a roll of 160 students. I have written and developed specialised programmes in English and areas of healthy wellbeing to maximise academic potential.

I have a passion to engage my students towards a love of learning which encourages success and progress beyond expectation. I have experience teaching NCEA Level 1 & 2 English. Quality references from students and parents alike.

Alongside tutoring English I also run MAXLiFE, a programme that will recognise and maximise potential in young people. Check out our website to see how we equip young people with tools to help them through their journey, giving them the confidence and the passion to dream big dreams and achieve them.

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Full Qualified Experienced NZ Registered Teacher


20 years NZ teaching experience.
Owner of Harbour Swim School at Gulf harbour.
Owner of Maxlife - Releasing potential in young people transitioning them from school to the big wide world of success equipping them with life skills to ensure success from college and beyone.


Sport, music, young people, travel, adventures, having fun, seeing young people live their lives with purpose and passion.

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Melainis (Female, 34 y/o)

Sport$10.00 /hr

I feel that classes should be student based and will work with you to create a personalized approach to help you achieve your learning goals.

maxlife (Female, 47 y/o)

English$25.00 /hr
Maths$25.00 /hr
Management$25.00 /hr
Others$25.00 /hr

I have 20 years experience teaching Year 5 - Year 12 (12-17 yrs ). Specialised in English, Health and Physical Education. For the last 20 years...

JuanDougnac (Male, 34 y/o)

Wellington City

I am a second degree Tae Kwon-Do black belt looking to do classes to individuals or groups, both for self defense or recreation. I have been train...

Steveng3232 (hidden, hidden)

Auckland City
English$20.00 /hr
Sport$20.00 /hr
Others$15.00 /hr

help offered for essay writing and exam prep

lost galaxy (Male, 45 y/o)

Auckland City
Sport$6.00 /hr
Others$6.00 /hr

Hi, Do you want games with a good chess player [my chesscube rating is above 1900]? We can talk too about things like openings, combos, positional ...

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