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nihongo.nz (Female, hidden)

Waitakere City
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Website: Japanese Tutoring NZ


Japanese $35.00 /hr
I have a Certificate in Teaching Japanese (for non-native speakers) from Osaka Japanese Language Centre.

I am an enthusiastic teacher of Japanese language and culture, having taught in Japan and here in New Zealand to a variety of ages, abilities, and nationalities. This has included classroom lessons in Japan and at primary and high school level here in New Zealand, as well as private tuition with university-level students. I have been tutoring over 10 years in New Zealand and currently I have some regular students.

I pride myself on being a well-organised and diligent tutor, and am always seeking the best for my students.


Bachelor's Degree in English Literature - Otani Womens University, Osaka, Japan.
Certificate in Teaching Japanese (for non-native speakers) from Osaka Japanese Language Centre.


International Exchange Centre - Japan, 6 years.
Auckland University tutoring programme.
Auckland Girls Grammar - volunteer tutoring.
Freemans Bay Primary School - volunteer tutoring.
West Auckland Homeschool Group teaching.


I enjoy time with my family, cooking, and socialising with friends.

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Premium Masaru (Male, 50 y/o)

5 (2 reviews)
North Shore City
Maths$50.00 /hr
Japanese$50.00 /hr

I have solid experience of teaching and/or tutoring Japanese & Mathematics & Statistics as a teacher in NZ high schools and/or private tutor, with the...

Luisa0304 (hidden, hidden)

4 (1 reviews)
Auckland City
Mandarin$30.00 /hr
Japanese$25.00 /hr

I am an open-minded and outgoing person; therefore, the teaching atmosphere won't be tedious. Moreover, attitude is the most important factor to do ev...

Takuma (Male, 22 y/o)

Auckland City
Japanese$25.00 /hr

Hello, I'm currently studying in UoA as an International student. If you are studying Japanese, I can help with your work for sure!

Shinoka (Female, 25 y/o)

Wellington City
Japanese$20.00 /hr

Hi, I'm Shinoka. I recently moved here from Tokyo. In Tokyo, I was working for TV program production as an assistant director. I worked on programs ...

jw0128 (Male, hidden)

Porirua City
Japanese$20.00 /hr

Hi, I am a native Japanese and English speaker! I am able to provide a very rare and valuable perspective of someone thoroughly knowing both languages...

riri (Female, 39 y/o)

Auckland City
Japanese$25.00 /hr

Hi My name is Eri. I am Japanese. I have experience of teaching Japanese to Auckland University Students and kids in New Zealand. I have been ...

Nozomi (Female, 32 y/o)

Wellington City
Japanese$25.00 /hr

Hello. I am experienced and qualified Japanese teacher. I have taught Japanese in China, Taiwan and Canada, from beginner to advanced level . I am ver...

SouthPawTranslation (hidden, hidden)

Manukau City
English$50.00 /hr
Japanese$50.00 /hr

I offer English conversation lessons via Skype. I have 17 years of teaching English conversation and English speaking and writing to non-native speake...

JoHansford (Female, 35 y/o)

Central Otago
English$25.00 /hr
Japanese$25.00 /hr

Kiyo (Female, hidden)

Waitakere City
Japanese$35.00 /hr

Hi I am a native Japanese speaker who also have teaching experiences in New Zealand Secondary schools. I taught Japanese to year 9 to year 13 student...

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