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ClaudiaGrace (Female, 19 y/o)

Dunedin City
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Biology $20.00 /hr
Chemistry $20.00 /hr
I am a university student who is keen to tutor high school students. I think it's important that students understand the material they need to know rather than just memorize what they need for the test. It's my goal to get every student to that level. I also think it's important to understand the purpose of learning, no matter what the subject and how boring a student thinks it is! I am happy to help with teaching coursework as well as homework help.

Subjects I tutor in:
Chemistry: Primary up to NCEA level 3
Biology: Primary up to NCEA level 3
Statistics: Primary up to NCEA level 3
English: Primary up to NCEA level 1
History: NCEA level 1 to 3

Send me an email and we can arrange for a time that suits you. I am available weekday evenings and weekends, and occasionally weekday afternoons. I can tutor at your house if it's close to Dunedin central or we can arrange to meet at a library etc.


I am working on a BSc in psychology and have taken a range of science papers including cellular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, statistics, and education.


I have been an employed tutor for Taiwanese exchange students at high school, teaching them English and New Zealand culture. This was for four weeks. I have also tutored year 7 and 8 students for spelling bees. I am experienced at explaining concepts in sciences in various ways to ensure understanding.

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DynamicTutorsNZ (Female, hidden)

5 (2 reviews)
Auckland City
Science$50.00 /hr
Chemistry$50.00 /hr

I recently graduated with a Masters of Biomedical Science Degree at the University of Auckland and obtained a honors award I specialize in the are...

Sanji (Female, 19 y/o)

Auckland City
Biology$20.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

kristimungure (Female, 27 y/o)

Dunedin City
Science$30.00 /hr
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I have a passion for science and teaching, in particular health science. If you want to understand a discipline of science out of interest, or need to...

sallyhayes (Female, 25 y/o)

Christchurch City
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I hold a bachelor's degree in chemistry, a postgraduate diploma in environmental science, and I am about to head into my final year of university stud...

patchoulikana (Male, 25 y/o)

Palmerston North City
Mandarin$10.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

High grade graduate from the University of Auckland. Friendly tutor hoping to help high school students' science courses and undergrad students' Chemi...

ClaudiaGrace (Female, 19 y/o)

Dunedin City
Biology$20.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

I am a university student who is keen to tutor high school students. I think it's important that students understand the material they need to know ra...

Diksha24 (Female, 24 y/o)

Manukau City
Maths$45.00 /hr
Chemistry$45.00 /hr

Hello, I have recently graduated with Bachelors of Science majoring in Food Science from AUT university and i am working as Food Technologist with Mil...

hannaaau (Female, 20 y/o)

Wellington City
Science$25.00 /hr
Chemistry$25.00 /hr

Hi there, I'm currently a student at Victoria University and studying to get a Biomedical Science degree. I'm doing double major in Molecular Patho...

jdpaauwe (hidden, 35 y/o)

Auckland City
Chemistry$40.00 /hr
Physics$30.00 /hr

Hi Im JD I am a secondary school Chemistry and Physics teacher with 5+ years experience as a High school teacher as well as 7+ years at university...

Jessica (Female, 27 y/o)

Auckland City
Chemistry$30.00 /hr

I am a Pharmacist and have been practicing for the past 3 years. I have also achieved good grades in university and school. I am able to teach Chemis...

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