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Danny (Male, 28 y/o)

Waitakere City
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Biology $30.00 /hr
I am happy to offer my services as a passionate and patient biology tutor :)

I enjoy teaching biology as I'm able to tailor my explanations in different ways based upon what base knowledge each student has. My fee includes resources and my undivided attention to teach the subject I love :)

Ecology in particular has always been a passion of mine, particularly Marine Ecology which was my major.

I live out in Te Atatu South but can easily travel.
Feel free to contact me with any queries :)



Achievement in Conservation Threat Management, Forest Biodiversity, Designing Bio-secure Environments and Water Quality Analysis at North Tec.
Participation and high achievement in annual Royal Chemistry, Biology and Science competitions.
Nominated for and recipient of ASB Careers Bursary in Y13. ($250)
1st in Highschool Biology and horticulture for each year of NCEA
NCEA Lv 1-3 Achieved with Merit
$15,000 Scholarship for Science
Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

Currently Employed with AsureQuality


Tutored Ecological Biology to First Year University Students for the Tuakana Programme During my Second Year (more students passed the paper while I tutored it than in any other year and the average grade was higher)
Trained technicians in the microbiology department of AsureQuality
BIOSCI 104 private tutor
I more than often lead study groups for my university courses for examination preparation.
Taught classmates to improve their grades :)


I have a lot of hobbies

Some include - Playing guitar, drums and bass, kayaking, fishing, hiking, distilling, winemaking, listening to music and watching classic movies/tv series.

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Michael44 (Male, 29 y/o)

3 (1 reviews)
Maths$30.00 /hr
Biology$30.00 /hr

I am currently in my 5th year of studying medicine at Auckland Uni. Before this I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology. I have worked a...

naeash123 (Female, 18 y/o)

Biology$15.00 /hr
Drama/Dance$20.00 /hr

I am currently a year 13 student at Whangarei Girls High school. I know how hard it can be when you have teachers who you cannot understand or subject...

mnuman (Female, 55 y/o)

Biology$25.00 /hr

If you're struggling with Biology I can help you with this amazing subject. It's like learning a new language and once you get it you will enjoy it!

Sanji (Female, 19 y/o)

Auckland City
Biology$20.00 /hr
Chemistry$20.00 /hr

vaanisharma (Female, hidden)

Christchurch City
Biology$25.00 /hr

Keen to take up teaching as part-time. Can teach Biology, Maths

Danny (Male, 28 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

I am happy to offer my services as a passionate and patient biology tutor :) I enjoy teaching biology as I'm able to tailor my explanations in diff...

hallielow93 (Female, 25 y/o)

Auckland City
Maths$22.00 /hr
Biology$22.00 /hr

I am a recent medical graduate from Newcastle University looking for a part time job as a tutor.

Spooky (Male, 33 y/o)

North Shore City
Computer$40.00 /hr
Biology$40.00 /hr

Each student has his or her own challenge. I like to connect with each one at their level.

YuliaD93 (Female, 25 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

Struggling with understanding human anatomy and physiology or pharmacology? I am a third-year nursing student and I am passionate about these subjects...

jche745 (Male, 22 y/o)

Waitakere City
Biology$30.00 /hr

Hey, I am currently a second year medical student who has finished a degree in Physiology at the University Of Auckland with A grades in all my pa...

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